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Music to listen to when you’ve graduated

School is out and you’re now free from U of T’s embrace for good. Whether you have your whole life planned out or are just taking it one day at a time, here are some songs to listen to while staring at your very expensive diploma.

“Sure Don’t Miss You” by The Dip

Freedom definitely tastes sweet, even if we all know that it’s a fleeting feeling. That’s okay, I’ll revel in this post-graduation high for as long as I can. It’s just as the chorus suggests: “someday, I might miss you, but I sure don’t miss you right now,” U of T.

“Emotions and Math” by Margaret Glaspy

Honestly, I mostly like this song for its name. It never fails to make me think that, at the end of the day, undergrad is just a combination of emotions and math.

“Beautiful Escape feat. Zak Abel” by Tom Misch

This song just makes you want to dance in pure bliss while all your friends are panicking as ACORN continues to crash during course registration. Seriously, I will not miss ACORN even a little bit.

“Is This It?” By the Greeting Committee

Now that a few months have passed since the end of undergrad, and convocation is over, the reality of the fact that you will not be returning to campus in September might be sinking in. What even is a life without studying all day and night at Robarts? I don’t know and now the post-graduation panic is starting to sink in.

“Are You Bored Yet? feat. Clairo” By Wallows 

Taking the summer off seemed like a really good idea, until I realized that I have no money to travel or take aesthetic Instagram pictures at trendy places.

“No Plan” by Hozier

Really reach your peak existential crisis phase with this next song. What is the point of doing anything? The earth is going to go up in flames soon anyways so my diploma and I will just listen to Hozier’s haunting voice until that happens.

“Sanity” by Nick Murphy/Chet Faker

The existential crisis might start to make you feel as though you’re losing your mind, a little bit. This upbeat tune might help you unwind from your downward spiral.

“Why Do You Feel So Down?” By Declan McKenna

For talking about being down, this is one upbeat song. And that about sums up the post-graduation experience: you may be stressed about what happens next, but this is also the start of a new chapter with almost endless possibilities. So don’t feel so down about it.

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

Graduating for many, including me, might mean having to go back home, whether it be just for the summer or indefinitely. Embrace being able to have your parents cook for you again, or not ruining every load of laundry because you’re too lazy or too broke to separate your whites from your colours.

“Postcard” by First Aid Kit

The line, “I wasn’t looking to change, I’ll never be the same,” defines my undergrad experience. So, thanks for the good and the bad, U of T. I’ll send you a postcard when I get to where I’m going.