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Top 5 washrooms at U of T

There’s a truth we all figure out eventually: only the truly desperate use the Robarts washrooms. The Robarts washrooms, especially on the second floor, are usually busy, dirty, and generally unpleasant. Why would you use them when there’s so many other (marginally) better options?

If you’re looking to explore the campus and expand your horizons, let this list serve as a guide to bring you to the multi-faceted buildings— and washrooms — at UTSG.

New College — Wilson Hall

On the lower level of Wilson Hall at New College, there exists my personal Ole Faithful of washrooms. Brightly lit, never busy, with a floor length mirror.

You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Hart House — Basement

This one gets a boost because of the recently installed tampon and pad dispenser, as well as new (scented!) disposal units. Plus it’s at the central convenient location of Hart House. You can go to the gym, read a book, and have a moderately pleasant washroom experience all in one building. Truly the cultural center of U of T.

Vic Goldring Student Centre1st floor

I’m not sure exactly why I need this in a washroom, but there’s a bit of a skylight, which is a nice touch. The washrooms on the lower floor of Goldring near Ned’s Cafe aren’t bad either.

Goldring Student Centre — serving the students and their biological needs.

Innis College — Basement

Secluded in the basement of Innis college, this smaller washroom is a solid choice. Perhaps you can stop by on your way to Robarts, saving yourself from the dim, paper-toweled floors of the Robarts washrooms.

Myhal Centre — 1st Floor

I’ve only been in this building for exams, but honestly, I was wracking my brain for a fifth best washroom at U of T. The competition this year was…not strong.

But I went back for the benefit of YOU, readers of The Squirrel. And I got to say, not bad! Although if any of you out there have any better suggestions, honestly hit me up. Because writing this list was slightly depressing. I’m getting sick of these subpar washrooms and I deserve better.

I left my phone in the back of a taxi, so I’m a fucking idiot

Dear iPhone 6 I’ve had for five months,

I really, really, miss you.

One freezing Friday morning (literally just the other day), you were in my jacket pocket. I had just finished an overnight shift, so I was drowsy and exhausted. I had an important interview in less than an hour, and in an attempt to get there faster, I decided to take a taxi.

That was mistake number one.

Once my colleague took over from me at work, I rushed downstairs and didn’t bother to put in my headphones. I wanted to keep my head clear, not filled with Nicki Minaj lyrics.

That was mistake number two.

As I ran to the lone orange cab on the curb, I held onto my phone cradled in my pocket, trying desperately to keep it inside. I didn’t want to put it in my jeans pocket because the denim darkens the phone case.

The was mistake number three.

Inside the cab, it was a still and awkward silence. I wasn’t in the mood to talk — I was tired after such a long shift, and I had been working since midnight. The driver didn’t seem all too eager, either.

I paid no attention to my surroundings and attempted to take a small nap. Before I knew it, however, I was at my location. I fumbled for the fare, tipped generously, and ran out of the cab without looking back.

The was mistake number four.

You know how this ends.

Since losing my phone, I’ve had exactly six people ask why I don’t take an Uber, five people wonder why I didn’t have Find My iPhone turned on, and a mere four people console my spiralling self.

My answer to all those questions?

Yeah, I’m really stupid.