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Six unique restaurants in Toronto

Toronto prides itself on being an extremely multicultural city, and with that assertion comes the effects: we are littered with amazing food options here. Now, I’m not going to talk about the standard cuisines of some countries – such as Italian, French and Lebanese –which are universally praised in every major city around the world. Instead, this list will showcase the six best restaurants from underrated cuisines.

Check these places out if you are looking to take advantage of the multiculturalism of this great city!

1. Tuk Tuk Canteen: Although somewhat similar to Thai food, this Cambodian joint will give lovers of Thai food great exposure to a plethora of new flavours.

2. African Palace: A great Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant, which showcases the many flavors and unique cuisine of the Horn of Africa.

3. Cookie Martinez: Although not massive in geography, this place is massive in personality, from the lovely owner to the beautiful and vibrant colors. This is a must-try for anyone who loves Latin-American cuisine – especially those who love arepas.

4. Vos Restaurante Argentino: Argentinian steak is something everybody should try. Period. Popular around the world – especially in parts of Europe and Latin America – this spot is a must for anyone looking to try something new in Toronto.

5. Royal Myanmar Restaurant: From the interior of the restaurant to the food itself, this place screams traditional and it is perfect just the way it is. Located in a very unassuming area, this restaurant will provide you with great traditional Burmese meals.

6. Borrel: Although a prominent nation, The Netherlands has never really been able to bring their cuisine to the forefront in outside markets. Borrel tries to change that as they provide great Dutch comfort food and creative cocktails.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claps back at U of T student

Yesterday, University of Toronto computer engineering student Harry Khachatrian recieved a clap back response from popular new U.S. Representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

After AOC was quoted as saying, “The vast majority of Americans know that income inequality is one of the biggest issues of our time” in an interview with The Hill. Mr. Khachatrian tweeted AOC by asking, “What, precisely, is the correct level of income inequality for you, @AOC? Is there a distribution you are shooting for? Should everyone be equal?”

AOC responded stating the following: “Somewhere between ‘teachers shouldn’t have to sell their own blood to make rent’ & ‘billionaires with helipads and full-time workers on food stamps shouldn’t exist in the same society.”


Khachatrian is a regular contributor for right-wing media publications The Rebel and The Daily Wire.

Disclosure: Harry Khachatrian has contributed to The Varsity in the past. 

Top five Insta-worthy Toronto bars

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and see people posing in front of signs at bars or clubs and say to yourself: ‘how basic! I’ve seen that background like 100 times!’

But secretly you are dying inside because you totally want a picture there, you just have too much pride to ask that person where the picture was taken?

Don’t worry. Below is a list of the top five bars to snap a great Instagram picture.

Sooner or later, everyone will think you are really cool and are down to totally go out clubbing all the time. Even though, let’s be real, it’s obvious you do not because otherwise you would just know about these places.

1. Convenience: This bar has an area with a pink background and rotary phones under an illuminated sign that reads “Party Line.” If that does not scream – I need attention, I don’t know what will.

2. REBEL Nightclub: A wall painted with bushels of flowers and a red illuminated sign that reads, “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” This is a great place to snap a pic and or pretend you are a jungle animal. Either or works.

3. Wallen: This place just has great wall designs. Not much else has to be said. The club isn’t that great but remember this list is purely to take a picture and impress others.

4. Pravda Vodka Bar:  A bunch of red drapes and soviet flags. Big gold heads of Vladimir Lenin. This place is amazing.

5. Mahjong Bar: This place is rather hidden behind the guise of a small storefront but with its brightly illuminated red interior, anywhere in the bar will make for a great picture.

Five best places to travel destinations from YYZ for under $700 — once school ends

We all want to travel, especially in May when school’s over and we just want to leave the city and its horrible memories of class.

Travelling is the best. One, it’s super exciting, and two, it makes for a great hobby to brag. This is especially helpful when your actual personality is super boring and dull.

Unfortunately, travelling can also be very expensive at times. Luckily, here are five places you can go to for under $700 from Toronto Pearson Airport this upcoming May.

1. Barcelona, Spain approximately $600

2. New York City, USA approximately $200

3. Cancun, Mexico approximately $450

4. Lisbon, Portugal approximately $700

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico approximately $400


Seven songs by lesser-known Toronto rappers

I’m not from Toronto. But I love talking like a Toronto mans. I routinely end conversations by saying things such as “safe broski” or “bless up fam.”

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling people I grew up in suburban Ottawa when I moved to Toronto for school a couple of months ago, so people were able to see through my otherwise perfect Toronto facade.

But for those of you who just moved here and are looking to have a (potentially harmful) identity crisis, I highly recommend listening to these seven rap songs by lesser known Toronto artists, so you can brush up on your Toronto slang. Dun kno.

Content warning: Music contains explicit language

1. T.B.H. by Pressa
2. Twin Turbo by 88GLAM
3. Up Next by Robin Banks
4. Brown Money by Jay Whiss
5. Snow by Smoke Dawg
6. Drop Out by Jimmy Prime
7. Red Alert by Jazz Cartier