Top five Insta-worthy Toronto bars

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and see people posing in front of signs at bars or clubs and say to yourself: ‘how basic! I’ve seen that background like 100 times!’

But secretly you are dying inside because you totally want a picture there, you just have too much pride to ask that person where the picture was taken?

Don’t worry. Below is a list of the top five bars to snap a great Instagram picture.

Sooner or later, everyone will think you are really cool and are down to totally go out clubbing all the time. Even though, let’s be real, it’s obvious you do not because otherwise you would just know about these places.

1. Convenience: This bar has an area with a pink background and rotary phones under an illuminated sign that reads “Party Line.” If that does not scream – I need attention, I don’t know what will.

2. REBEL Nightclub: A wall painted with bushels of flowers and a red illuminated sign that reads, “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” This is a great place to snap a pic and or pretend you are a jungle animal. Either or works.

3. Wallen: This place just has great wall designs. Not much else has to be said. The club isn’t that great but remember this list is purely to take a picture and impress others.

4. Pravda Vodka Bar:  A bunch of red drapes and soviet flags. Big gold heads of Vladimir Lenin. This place is amazing.

5. Mahjong Bar: This place is rather hidden behind the guise of a small storefront but with its brightly illuminated red interior, anywhere in the bar will make for a great picture.

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