Seven songs by lesser-known Toronto rappers

I’m not from Toronto. But I love talking like a Toronto mans. I routinely end conversations by saying things such as “safe broski” or “bless up fam.”

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling people I grew up in suburban Ottawa when I moved to Toronto for school a couple of months ago, so people were able to see through my otherwise perfect Toronto facade.

But for those of you who just moved here and are looking to have a (potentially harmful) identity crisis, I highly recommend listening to these seven rap songs by lesser known Toronto artists, so you can brush up on your Toronto slang. Dun kno.

Content warning: Music contains explicit language

1. T.B.H. by Pressa
2. Twin Turbo by 88GLAM
3. Up Next by Robin Banks
4. Brown Money by Jay Whiss
5. Snow by Smoke Dawg
6. Drop Out by Jimmy Prime
7. Red Alert by Jazz Cartier

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